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That Blog List

That Blog List

Written by:Chris of Arabia
Published on November 2nd, 2009 @ 22:30:44 , using 1110 words,
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The more I look around other people's blogs, the more I find a propensity for creating lists of salient (and not so salient) facts and figures about the blogee. As one who can rarely resist a trend and probably because I doubt I ever had an original thought in my life, I may as well start one here. The prime reason for this I must add, is that I've not said an awful lot in these parts of late. For my inspiration this evening, I give you a list courtesy of sex blogger in-Chief, Ms Margolis - her list. I should add that there are aspects of her list I will not be attempting to match - I'll leave you to work out what those are for yourselves...

  • I was born in the 60's and can even claim to remember parts of this
  • I have lived and worked in the Middle East for the last 10 years
  • I spent some 9 years in the Royal Air Force
  • I love music above any other art form, even more so if it contains big raunchy guitar sounds
  • I have noticed that everything on this list begins with the letter "I"
  • I own and play quite a few guitars
  • I am something of a fidget, and can't sit still in front of a film, this is an art form that's never really grabbed me
  • Probably my favourite song is Rush's Limelight from their 'Moving Pictures' album. I use the first 11 seconds of this song as my mobile phone ringtone
  • The irony of the conjunction of the last two items has not escaped me...
  • I can account now for two marriages (2nd one reaches its 10th anniversary next July), so you could say it's an institution I'm comfortable with
  • It's probably fair to say I'm fascinated by web-tech stuff, but I never feel I know enough to do anything productive in that vein
  • My other significant art form interest is photography, something readily confirmed by a quick browse here within
  • I do tend to get bored rather easily and engage with, drift away from and pick-up again, a wide range of interests
  • Currently, I'm trying to work out how to write something that might stand some sort of test of time
  • I will of course tire of the notion at some point over the next 48 hours
  • Reading is another place you can find me, this may be one the few interests I have that I never tire of
  • Despite my best efforts, I almost always become emotionally involved with the story line and its characters
  • ...I should at this juncture state that the above was not strictly true for "A Brief History of Time", sorry Stephen
  • I have a deep seated dislike of exercise, as much as I know it's good for me
  • One three and half year old coronary stent later, there is perhaps the suggestion that I ought to deal with the above
  • The less said about golf the better - I have history...
  • I've never been to Agent Provocateur
  • I tend to view food as something of a chore, though I can cook perfectly well - I tend to think in terms of knitting patterns here, just follow the instructions
  • I abhor boorish behaviour and will actively seek to avoid it
  • Mornings are to be avoided at all costs, unless they are approached from midnight onwards
  • I'm not what you would call a big drinker, though I do enjoy a pint of Guinness and a descent bottle of vino collapso
  • I am of the firm belief that the mouth and the ears should be used in direct proportion to which they are provided
  • I 'get' Twitter (though not yet the new lists feature)
  • I miss Pownce - damn you Messrs Rose, Burka and Ms Culver - will SixApart ever resurrect it I wonder? I hope so...
  • I have no interest in clothing or fashion - shopping in this area is an in and out job, there is much more to life
  • Unless of course it is any form of technical clothing related to a sporting or recreational activity
  • I am a proud season ticket holding Stoke City fan, even if it does currently mean that a home game is a 6,000 mile round trip
  • The old Victoria Ground was no more than 100 yards from the house I inhabited for the first 8 years of my life - it infected me righteously
  • Dentists are to be feared and preferably avoided unless essential maintenance deems their services unavoidable
  • I detest green and runner beans in all their forms - I spent many a miserable hour at the Sunday dinner table in their presence, however the battle of wills on their account was always settled in my favour
  • I prefer buying CDs to downloading inferior quality MP3 or other compressed format media
  • As a direct consequence of the above, it has taken an awful lot of time to get the 6,600 tracks I have on my iPod processed through iTunes
  • I am not overly concerned by the presence of chemicals in my diet, or the use of prescription drugs where required
  • I would though, actively avoid the latter where there intent is to somehow alter my mood, even where prescribed for addressing sleep pattern deficiencies
  • You are unlikely to change my opinion, though I will not press them upon you
  • Likewise, I have no real desire to have you proselytise your opinion on me - let's agree to disagree now and save any aggravation later
  • ...how many is that?
  • I have no use for religion and would generally consider blind faith in the absence of empirical evidence to be nonsensical. Where empirical evidence is not available, I have no desire to ascribe any untested or manifestly unusual behaviour or observation to any given choice of deity - in this regard, I subscribe firmly to the Adams school to whit "Isn’t it enough to see that a garden is beautiful without having to believe that there are fairies at the bottom of it too?"
  • Anyone who believes that the concept that "all men are created equal" can be put into practice needs to visit the Middle East
  • I firmly believe that no one reads this blog and that the b2evolution stats pages are auto-generated to make me feel better about the time their software steals from me
  • Were I to start tomorrow, I would produce a different list
  • I have almost certainly gone on for too long, though surprisingly the spelling and grammar appears to have held up really well

I am hopeful that I have done the list meme proud, but only you can say for sure...

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Comment from: Annisa [Visitor]

Yes I do believe you did this list meme proud. :-) In general I’m a big fan of lists, yours was definitely an enjoyable read!

02 Nov 2009 @ 22:51

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