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Published on November 24th, 2009 @ 17:56:14 , using 238 words,
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Chris of Arabia is an artificial construct with a widespread presence that can be found infesting many corners of the webosphere. If you are interested in guitars, I'll be there. If you exist only for the photographic image, I'll be right there beside you. If you're a manic depressive, I'll be the one in the queue in front of you. Think you're the bees knees at web design, I'll be the IE6 to your CSS. Chris of Arabia lurks, seeks, finds and should the need arise, destroys.

actually, I'm not so hot at that last bit... even Superman was weakened by Kryptonite

Shorn of the trappings of an international blogging superstar, I can be found working quietly away as a project manager in a Middle East IT company based in Riyadh. I have now spent some 10 years working as a UK expat and have seen a few things, some good, some less so in these parts. Izdihar.com has been my domain for a good number of years now, though it's only in the last 3+ that anything has actually been done with it - should you wish to know more about the name, feel free to check out - What is Izdihar?. This blog serves no particular purpose, beyond those of personal vanity, should it do more than that for anyone else, I'd rate that a bonus.

Hopefully, this covers all "Ask And Ye Shall Receive" 'About' requirements...

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