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Written by:Chris of Arabia
Published on November 10th, 2016 @ 18:46:00 , using 165 words,
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Just had a very weird half hour. I was in the garage looking for old insurance policy paperwork. I've still not found that, but I did find some history; my history... Old hand written letters, postcards, birthday cards, letters jointly named, people I've not forgotten, but lost the connection to. Some people to whom the connection still exists, people here even, and the photographs.

It seems I was once organised enough to sort things into compartments; buff manilla envelopes marked "electricity", another marked "gas", one for the "building society", and the one scribbled in black marker pen with the word "letters". That one did it, a past me staring back through some 25+ years inviting me to relive a piece of life I'd not even realised I'd saved a memory of. There are things there I should share with those who were there at the time, before it becomes too late.

Perhaps Pandora's box should have had its lid more tightly sealed...

Now where's that policy document?

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