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Written by:Chris of Arabia
Published on March 8th, 2006 @ 21:01:33 , using 180 words,
Posted in Stoke City

So, the last time I posted in here, it was September, since when I've been home for Christmas and Stoke's results have gone down the proverbial. It's now February and we can consider the point gained from a 0-0 draw at Wolves to be on the positive side. OK so we're still not having much luck in front of the goal, the managerial team still doesn't seem to have resolved its differences and apparently the club is still up for sale - we have also kissed goodbye to any chance of making the play-offs short of a mathematical miracle whereby all of the clubs around us conspire to have the worst finish to the season in football history. I'm still not sure we could do it even if all the teams above us were Sunderland...

Anyway it's bedtime here and this cold won't just piss off and leave me alone, so I'll leave you with this thought "If you want to run your life like a Punch & Judy show, beware of the crocodiles" - be careful out there.


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