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Slipping again...

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Published on February 13th, 2009 @ 22:37:04 , using 226 words,
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Anyone daft enough to follow what's going on around here will have noticed that my rate of posting is steadily deteriorating. It's nothing deliberate, though work has been a bit manic of late and isn't likely to let up any time soon - nothing new there though. We were promised that we'd get a bit of a breather once we moved into Salwa, but it's been anything but.

There's also that nagging question of what the hell is this blog for? I've not worked it out and I suspect that you haven't either. I've read that you should try to find your own voice on these things, but given that a blog is essentially mute, I'm not overly sure that will help. If I think over what I do with my down-time, you can perhaps see some glimmers of what's bashing away at the keyboard at the moment; I 'aspire' to become something of a web-designer, I dream of playing the perfect round of golf, I seek to take that elusive emotionally charged photograph, I slave away at making some defining musical statement. In reality, I'm a bloke who owns a PC, a bag of golf clubs, a camera and a few guitars. The credit card maketh the man I think. I'll keep plodding along though and maybe one day it'll make a bunch of sense. :))

Shadows Falling

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Published on February 13th, 2009 @ 22:21:59 , using 0 words,
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Shadows Falling

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This is another list...

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Published on February 6th, 2009 @ 21:10:30 , using 114 words,

These are things I need to do, so I'll have to come back and amend this as I go. Think of this as my conscience if you will:

  1. Change 'localhost' to '' in _basic_config.php
  2. Convert this skin to 960gs format (and if I can work it, the Fluid 960 Grid System)
  3. Remove all those 'br' tags I used to get this skin to display properly in Firefox, and use the proper technique to make it behave properly
  4. Fix my Kubuntu server so that I can FTP into the root of /var/www and have the files run without having to go and change the permissions on them afterwards
  5. ...there will be others

Part 1

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Published on February 5th, 2009 @ 16:30:31 , using 514 words,
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I've been meaning to do one of those life inventory list things for some time, so I thought perhaps it was time I made a start on it. Like anyone in this world, over the course of your life you accumulate skills, things you have done or are capable of and so on. This list is intended to be record of those things that I either can or have done in my life:

I've done a bungee jump
I can play guitar
I can play a bass (though less well)
I can rock climb (and have lead an E1 5c route)
I have built 3 guitars
I'm a competent photographer
I can develop and print B+W film
I can process E6 colour transparencies
I can write HTML and CSS
I can use Photoshop
I can drive a car
I understand electronics (I was an Air Comms tech in the RAF 20 odd years back)
I can solder
I have built a small guitar valve amp
I can assemble a PC from components
I can install software
I have set up a small home network, including building a Linux LAMP server
I've set up a blog on my own webspace (you're reading it now)
I've visited Canada, France, Iceland, Germany, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Bahrain, Spain (mainland and Majorca) and Italy (this excludes changing planes in Holland & Switzerland).
I've seen Stoke City win a trophy at Wembley
I actually lived long enough to see Stoke City makes it into the Premiership (never thought I'd see that one)
I can iron
I can cook
I can play golf
I can record my guitar/bass playing into a PC based home recording studio
I have sung (very bad) backing vocals on a friends released CD and also contributed some guitar parts to it
I'm an experienced project manager (perhaps as well, given that's my job)
I can do DIY
I can do my own car repairs (can't remember the last time I felt inclined though)
I can read (fairly basic, but an important skill all the same)
I can ride a motorcycle
I can cycle
I can play football
I can make palatable home-made wine
I've worked doing 'humping and dumping' for bands at some of the local concert venues around Stoke-on-Trent (Buzzcocks, Thin Lizzy, the Scorpions, Hawkwind, John Miles, Siouxie & the Banshees, the Veins, and a good few others I can't remember right now)
I've worked clearing conifers from an ancient oak wood in Wales on a conservation working holiday
I've read the whole of Stephen Hawkings' 'A Brief History of Time'
I've hand reared a brood of starlings that were turfed out of their nest to the point where they could be released into the wild
I can swim, and somewhere, have a badge for completing 2 miles
I once stood as a candidate in a local council election (I didn't win)

This list doesn't seem all that long, so I'm sure there are lots of things I've missed. Part 2 could turn up at any time in the future as I think of things.

More petrol...

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Published on February 1st, 2009 @ 23:23:37 , using 1 words,
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Petrol Pump Attendants #23

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