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New Note Book, New Trip, New Destination...

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Published on September 4th, 2009 @ 13:10:00 , using 525 words,
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We're off to Limoges, AM and I, aboard a Ryanair special. Not that there's anything special about it, bedecked as it is in navy blue and a slightly jarring shade of daffodil yellow. Since boarding, we've been assaulted by repeated inducements to part with our cash. At the moment it's charity scratch cards, earlier is was smoke free nicotine sticks for those who cannot last the hour and a quarter flight time, then it was the food and drinks trolley. Can't wait for the roll-out of the minor cosmetic surgery and liposuction cart.

We passed through Speke a while ago, or "John Lennon" airport as its tired and slightly foreboding travel hub is now named. It's not a place I choose to travel from willingly and my only previous encounter with it saw the side window of every other car put through on the row in which I was parked - fortunately, mine escaped attention. With that in mind, the trip today was by taxi.

Today's reading is courtesy of Philip K. Dick and "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep". The crew here are almost certainly made up of escaped 'Andys'. Roy Baty at the controls up front and rolling out nicotine sticks was Flis herself, minus the flick-flaks - a bit tight in a 737-800 for those, she looks plastic enough though. Wonder if the other passengers are real? Time to die...

Down below I can see France passing us by. AM is dozing gently, head propped on her right hand and leaning against the pillar next to the window. It look OK there weather-wise. Couldn't possibly be much worse than the North-West has been over the last week. Rain pelted by wind into a splattery wet mush of torrential downpour. AM looks contented at the moment, though she's not really settled herself to this trip. Can't see too much going awry with it.

They're calling for landing prep now, so I'll not be able to write too much more, as they'll want the table stowing away. As I look out of the window, we tilt away starboard and the aircraft slowly sinks, wing first, into the clouds. Behind us, one of the babies on board is having a right good squawk - no doubt having its ears pummelled by the change in air pressure. As we drop through the cloud, the cabin is buffeted by the outside air and another child joins in the chorus. Table now away, writing is now rather more awkward. Not long to go though.

Below the cloud base, things settle a touch, but not the child. To our right there's a pretty little lake bathed in late summer sunshine, cottages and houses clinging to its banks. Roy Baty has just called the rest of the 'Andys' to strap in. Hope I & G are waiting for us. 500ft to go, looks like a model village down there. Then we hit tarmac. Is Limoges the world's most quaint airport? All it needs is Windy Miller and an Oliver Postgate voice over and it would surely be complete. Have they heard of mowers here? More notes from a small world...

Some Time Back

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Published on September 2nd, 2009 @ 02:07:25 , using 33 words,
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Some Time Back

The note on the back reads "An early photograph with the receding hair line just beginning to set in. Also the tendency of hanging round in parks clearly showing". Probably shot around 1964-5

After Mapplethorpe

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Published on August 31st, 2009 @ 00:44:03 , using 0 words,
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After Mapplethorpe

On the move again

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Published on August 27th, 2009 @ 04:27:27 , using 560 words,

It's either very late or very early. My brain says the former, as I've not slept on this flight. I am as ever on the BMI flight from RUH to LHR, brain fried and horribly fuzzy. We're somewhere over Turkey but not yet to Istanbul - plenty of flight left yet then. Mecca is long behind us though, the map says Bucharest is straight ahead - what would I find there I wonder? The iPod is 'singing' to me, strictly speaking it's Dave Gahan and Depeche Mode, but that was long ago. Only the little white faced box is really working, Dave Gahan knows nothing of his performance tonight, much less to who.

I had words at one point, but I was too wrapped up in Iain M. Banks. I'm reading 'Matter' at the moment. Whilst I'm not sure I've read everything he's done, I'm much of the opinion that this is by far the best of the Culture stuff he's done - met him at a book signing many years ago, nice chap.

Why doesn't my mind ever switch off? I know I've not done a few things before I left tonight, and some of those that I did were not as good as they could have been. It seems a perpetual torment that I agonise over stuff that's not as good as I might think I could have done, yet those indescribably less capable than I, get away with turning out crap and couldn't give two hoots. I will die unhappy, knowing that however good I gave, it was never quite good enough (in my mind at any rate). I remain driven by the belief that I am slovenly and indolent and must try harder - where did I go in all this I wonder? I remain life's play thing to be directed at the behest of a greater cause.

That said, I feel more attuned to what's going on around me and feel better placed to influence it. If I want anything currently, it's my 15 minutes and the acknowledgement that I do contribute. I no longer wish to be someone else's passenger and desire the reward I feel I've earned. Clear a path, I'm coming through - something like that anyway...

The map says we're just over the Black Sea coast and are encroaching on mainland Europe, if only the dark (to me) Eastern nations, Romania I think, Hungary next. Places I know nothing of, though I did once meet a girl from Romanian girl serving in a bar in Bahrain. An image sticks in my head of her, as they have a distinctive look to them, that is very none British, or at least it was until the doors were thrown open.

We must be nearly half way there now and Tool are blasting out Lateralus. I'm nearly 48 and wouldn't trade this kind of music for anything - Stephen Fry, and his regular Tweets of Debussy and Mahler, I am not. Stick 6 strings on it and turn the fucker up LOUD! Moved onto Sian Evans and Kosheen - I don't mind that either. I have catholic tastes, whatever that means. Bucharest to our right now - what's it like down their?

About 3 hours to go, time for a doze I think. Dream of home maybe for a bit - not the place I left though. G'nite...

I am still here

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Published on August 20th, 2009 @ 00:30:25 , using 312 words,
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In the times in between posts, I do not cease to exist, but to you guys (I like like to think of you as my public), I may as well be on another planet, or never having existed at all. But no, I still find ways to occupy my time, but not in the particular time/space internet segment.

I can be found in an office, or on the road (driving on it not lying down - it's a bit of a bugger getting the tyre marks off cotton). On a golf course, or maybe in the supermarket. Sometimes I swim (not often obviously) or perhaps just shower. I sleep too, actually I'm rather big on sleep, it's where I should be now.

At the moment though I'm here, sort of de-briefing myself after this evenings' BBQ. I think it went well, the guests seemed to think as much too, least ways that's what they said; I for one am prepared to believe them, I have no reason not to you understand. It was a bit of a goodbye and fair-well event for someone who's been out here with our team for the last three years. He's still only 26 now and I'm sure he's learned a lot about how businesses run, even odd ones like ours :crazy:. He's been quite fun to have around and I wish him well in what he's heading off to, though I think he'll be back...

So for this evening at least, this is where I've been. Tomorrow I may well be somewhere entirely different, I just don't know where it will be yet or what may evolve from beneath the duvet of probability in the morning. I am hoping though that when it does evolve, it doesn't have to make the tea.

Till I come back then, chances are that I won't be too far away.

More DR-880 Data (this time with instruments)

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Published on August 16th, 2009 @ 21:52:17 , using 66 words,
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Since my last publication on this - Roland Boss DR-880 preset data list, the data for the instruments associated with 40 of the kits (at least one of each type) has been added to the Excel file. I've also added the bass tones used in each of the kits. As always, any comments on the file, especially corrections, would be welcomed.

Revised data file: dr-880_data.xls

1 ... 39 40 41 ...42 ... 44 ...46 ...47 48 49 ... 69

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