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A Few Small Skin Tweaks Done

Written by:Chris of Arabia
Published on March 13th, 2009 @ 15:51:00 , using 128 words,

Link: http://www.colorsontheweb.com/colorwizard.asp

At long last, I've got round to altering some of the text colour settings on here. Whilst on a decent contrasty monitor everything looked fine, once seen on something of a lesser standing, things began to blend in a little too much. All I've done is use the colour picker at the link above to select something with slightly more saturation so that the text stands out somewhat from the background. There's a definite improvement to my eyes, but I'm still not convinced that #393939 is the best colour for the bit that reads:

Written by: Chris of Arabia
Published on March 13th, 2009 @ 15:51:00 , using 94 words, No views
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No doubt I'll get back to it in a few months time... :.

EDIT: Decided I prefered #2f2f2f instead

This is another list...

Written by:Chris of Arabia
Published on February 6th, 2009 @ 21:10:30 , using 114 words,

These are things I need to do, so I'll have to come back and amend this as I go. Think of this as my conscience if you will:

  1. Change 'localhost' to '' in _basic_config.php
  2. Convert this skin to 960gs format (and if I can work it, the Fluid 960 Grid System)
  3. Remove all those 'br' tags I used to get this skin to display properly in Firefox, and use the proper technique to make it behave properly
  4. Fix my Kubuntu server so that I can FTP into the root of /var/www and have the files run without having to go and change the permissions on them afterwards
  5. ...there will be others

Working at last

Written by:Chris of Arabia
Published on January 7th, 2009 @ 21:13:08 , using 175 words,

Link: http://forums.b2evolution.net/viewtopic.php?t=17567

Well that was fun. Had a problem with my widgets there for a moment ( those things over there --> ) full details to be had by following the link above.

So that's my first week of 2009 over in the office and we hit weekend at last. There are any things to be done this weekend; shopping, find AM a birthday present, perhaps get some plants for the back garden, get a corner shelf to put the SoundDock on - life really is a whirl round here at times you know.

Seems Stoke have bought themselves another player. This time Matthew Etherington from West Ham, a winger by trade, if only I could work out which side. Hopefully he's left-sided, as Richard Cresswell has been filling in for some time and it's really not his natural position and at times it has shown. I wish Matthew all the very best at the club and would like to think he could start like that on Saturday against Liverpool - we need the points desperately. Come on you Potters...

Colour Codes

Written by:Chris of Arabia
Published on December 14th, 2008 @ 15:39:12 , using 5 words,



Nearly there I think

Written by:Chris of Arabia
Published on December 13th, 2008 @ 23:31:46 , using 279 words,

Link: http://forums.b2evolution.net/viewtopic.php?t=17415

I think that slowly but surely, the blog is now coming together. Still a couple of small niggly things to suss out, like the fact that it won't let me create new categories from within the b2evo back office yet, but every indication says that this is a MySQL issue rather than the blog software itself. I hoping that the post at b2evo on the link [above/below: delete as applicable] will get me a usable answer on this one.

If you've been following any of this, you may notice that I've been messing with the r/h column stuff - it should look a little cleaner now. I've dropped a couple of things out of there and re-ordered stuff a bit. The search box still looks a bit clunky and out of keeping, but I may have to learn to live with that. I've done the same over in the T189 blog and also with the Linkblog, which generally you should never see, to keep a common 'look and feel' to it all.

At some point, I'd like to expand the width of the body of the blog out to at least 1,000 px to let it breathe a little more. A slightly larger font is also a possibility, as is a fluid layout to make it a little more flexible. The other thing that needs sorting is the CSS behaviour of this skin in Firefox3, my browser of choice. I've seen something on it across at b2evo and it doesn't look beyond the wit of man to sort out. But not tonight, time to hit the hay I think, they're all back in work tomorrow!


Written by:Chris of Arabia
Published on December 10th, 2008 @ 23:34:47 , using 76 words,
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That was a rather long evening of trying to get everything to behave itself in that skin. All the images now fit the width of 'leftside', which turns out to be 575px and I've also corrected an error in the way each individual post is set out - they are now full one after another. There has to be a better way than using a never ending series of [br /] tags.

Must be time for bed

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